Service Partnerships With Local Government

Strategic partnerships
delivering shared success.

Forward looking councils are constantly looking for new ways to modernise service provision on behalf of their communities. This is key if councils are to position themselves for sustainable growth and economic success.

Through our Service Partnerships we design and deliver operations and services that transform the way councils work.

We can provide capacity and infrastructure for service transformation, sustainable council growth, job creation and added financial revenue streams through the trading of shared services.

Our Service Partnerships can also help councils become fit for future, providing the support they need to meet the demands of growing cities and communities.

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Establish opportunities for improvement
Design tailored solutions
Implement change programs
Operate and position for growth
Realise benefits and share success

Each of our Service Partnerships are unique and tailored to meet the specific business and community needs of our local government partners.

We work hand-in-hand with organisations of all sizes to achieve their service delivery and business transformation objectives.

Our aim is always to deliver more for our partner council, their staff and the community they serve.

We are currently in large-scale and long term partnerships with the following Australian councils:

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