Our Team

Experienced strategists,
delivery experts

We are an agile, dynamic team with a wealth of experience in business transformation and service delivery.

We are experts in a range of transformation disciplines, with proven capabilities across all tiers of government and the private sector across Australia and the United Kingdom.

We understand our market, and hold proven track records leading and delivering change in customer and support services.

Together, we deliver results to our partners’ businesses through a shared commitment to our core values.


Steve Crowe
Chief Executive Officer

Steve is the driving force behind our business, leading all of our major projects and partnerships and spearheading our mission to create smarter Australian cities and communities.

Penny Hobson
Operations Manager

Penny is responsible for the development and operational management of our partnership with Mackay Regional Council and also frequently lends her expertise to our other partnerships.

Julian Harris
Partnerships Director

Julian’s hands-on approach, client driven focus and commitment to service excellence ensures our customers enjoy exceptional results every month.

Richard Vassallo
Principal Advisor

Richard leads our new programs of work and is dedicated to helping our customers realise the financial benefits of business transformation.

Mike Waterland
Advisory Services Manager

Mike is responsible for the management and delivery of our transformation projects. With the support of our dedicated Advisory Services Team, Mike works closely with our partners to design and implement change and benefits realisation programs.

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