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We have proudly partnered with organisations across Australia to transform their service delivery.

Ipswich City Council

To support their mission to become one of Australia’s most innovative and intelligent cities, Ipswich City Council (ICC) and Propel joined forces to create Services Queensland – a landmark partnership and the first of its kind in Australia.

Together, we agreed on a clear vision and set of objectives for our long-term partnership.

We worked closely with the ICC team to identify and deliver service area improvements across Council’s customer service and administrative functions. Over 60 employees of Ipswich City Council are engaged by the partnership in Ipswich.

The partnership has seen us develop a state of the art service delivery hub, which together with a collaborative approach to delivering transformational change, has achieved a marked improvement in ICC’s service delivery standards.

For example, the partnership has reduced outstanding service requests by 85 per cent and has dramatically improved handling times for dozens of council administrative functions.

Our partnership also saw us identify opportunities to utilise the council’s infrastructure, generating added service capacity which could be shared by other organisations. This has resulted in the development of a thriving shared services hub in Ipswich.

Services Queensland now provides managed services to more than 20 organisations, including numerous councils in both Queensland and New South Wales. The partnership with Ipswich City Council has resulted in a broad range of productivity, financial and customer satisfaction benefits.


“Ipswich is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with the population expected to double to over 400,000 within the next 20 years.

Propel have been instrumental in our city’s movement to become a smarter city and prepare for future growth as we continue to prosper.

We have now enjoyed a highly-rewarding working relationship with Propel for more than 8 years.

Propel’s transformation program has seen us streamline our operations, increase our customer and staff satisfaction and make significant financial savings across our council.

Further, through the efficiency and capacity building realised through our partnership, Ipswich City Council has been able to deliver a range of essential services to both the public and private sector with benefits going directly to our Ipswich community.”

Cr Paul Tully, Deputy Mayor
City of Ipswich

Chairman of Directors, Ipswich City Enterprises Pty Ltd

Mackay Regional Council

Mackay Regional Council (MRC) was determined to improve customer service, enhance operational effectiveness and look at new and innovative ways to create a regional service delivery hub for Northern Australia.

The creation of Northern Australia Services (NAS) with Propel has delivered the momentum and capacity to transform service delivery for MRC. NAS is the largest partnership of its type in Australia.

Through our partnership with MRC, we set out to deliver an extensive program of operational transformation while working with council to contain existing costs.

We conducted in depth service reviews to inform the development of a sustainable customer service delivery framework. This framework will allow the partnership to deliver long term customer service improvements to the city of Mackay.

Our transformation program sees us work collaboratively with MRC’s staff. Working as a team, we share a joint commitment to delivering services which are efficient, customer orientated and sustainable.

It is anticipated that NAS will evolve into a major regional service delivery hub which will be capable of servicing a broad range of community, government and business sector interests across Northern Australia.


“Mackay and Propel enjoy a strong working relationship which has been typified by a high degree of openness and transparency. In only our second year of what will be a ten year journey, we have already seen significant performance improvements across a large range of customer and transactional service areas. Northern Australia Services will evolve into a regional shared services hub which will deliver benefits to other organisations across Northern Australia.’’

Craig Doyle Chief Executive Officer
Mackay Regional Council

Isaac Regional Council

Isaac Regional Council (IRC) engaged Propel to re-index and scan approximately one million council records.

The effective management of these records is a critical task for IRC in its quest to ensure compliance with the relevant document management and archiving standards. Our work with IRC also ensures that information is secure and readily accessible.

Through the implementation of quality processes, planning and control methodologies, Propel has already scanned and indexed more than 2,000 cartons of records for IRC.

From simple A4 documents all the way through to detailed and large A0 multi-paged plans, Propel effectively and confidentially processes documents to provide high quality records that make a direct contribution to supporting IRC’s efficient operations.

Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton Regional Council had a need to provide high quality, around the clock customer support to its community and engaged Propel to help them deliver it.

We worked hard to get to know RCC and their customer base to ensure we designed and delivered an out-of-hours contact centre service that met their unique needs.

We used technology, systems, processes and most importantly customer service experts to provide a personalised service to the RCC community.

From our integrated service hub in Queensland, we provide out of hours contact centre services to RRC, helping them support their community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RCC has recently renewed its contract with Propel for an additional 2 years.


“I would just like to add my words in support around our very positive and successful relationship [with Propel] over the years. I have always experienced very positive interactions with the call centre team; usually at very early hours of the morning.”

Drew Stevenson, Manager Corporate & Technology
Rockhampton Regional Council

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