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Strong customer and business support services are at the core of Australian organisations.

That’s why they come to us to design, modernise, transform and deliver their customer and business support services.

By combining real innovation with local and practical thinking, we help our partners achieve genuine organisational, customer and financial results.


Service Partnerships with Local Government

Advisory Services

Managed Services


“Ipswich is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with the population expected to double to over 400,000 within the next 20 years.
Propel have been instrumental in our city’s movement to become a smarter city and prepare for future growth as we continue to prosper.”

Cr Paul Tully, Deputy Mayor
City of Ipswich

“I would just like to add my words in support around our very positive and successful relationship with Propel over the years. I have always experienced very positive interactions with the call centre team; usually at very early hours of the morning.”

Drew Stevenson, Manager Corporate & Technology
Rockhampton Regional Council

“Mackay and Propel enjoy a strong working relationship which has been typified by a high degree of openness and transparency. In only our second year of what will be a ten year journey, we have already seen significant performance improvements across a large range of customer and transactional service areas. Northern Australia Services will evolve into a regional shared services hub which will deliver benefits to other organisations across Northern Australia.’’

Craig Doyle, Chief Executive Officer
Mackay Regional Council

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